「寵」PetFoodomatic 脆脆波波 (甘荀、雞柳、牛肉、椰菜) | Cat bites(Carrot、Chicken Fillet、Beef、Broccoli)


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風乾產品優惠(1): 本月凡購買風乾小食累計超過$299,隨機送 泰國雞柳(風乾)50G 1包 或 紐西蘭鹿肉(風乾)50G 1包,買滿$598 送2包,如此類推。 風乾產品優惠(2): 如購買滿 $1500 即可任選2包(不同款) 50G風乾產品, 滿 $2500 即可任選3包(不同款) 50G風乾產品。請在結賬時留言注明想要邊款50G風乾產品! Pet Air-dried Snack Offer 1: For every purchase of pet air-dried snacks over $299, a random  free gift of EITHER 1 pack of 50g Chicken Fillet Snack (Air-dried) OR 1 pack of 50g Venison Meat Snack (Air-dried) will be given; for every purchase over $598, 2 packs of 50g air-dried snacks will be given; so on and so forth. Pet Air-dried Snack Offer 2: If spend $1500, you can choose 2 packs 50g of pet air-dried snacks (different flavours); if spend $2500, you can choose 3 packs 50g of pet air-dried snacks (different flavours). Please specify the snacks flavours during checkout. PetFoodomatic 脆脆波波(甘荀、雞柳、牛肉、椰菜) 風乾小食無激素 50g/包 $58/包 Cat bites(Carrot、Chicken Fillet、Beef、Broccoli) Pet Snacks Antibiotic-free 50g/pk $58/pk  
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