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LEGENDary Almo Nature 品質在今天更加透明:HFC 首字母縮略詞證明配方中的成分的來源最初適合人類食用。所有 HFC 食譜均採用少量精選食材烹製,然後在肉湯中簡單烹製或使用貝恩瑪麗法烹製,由於其豐富的烹飪肉湯,因此非常適合幫助貓自然補充水分。 HFC Natural 70g 最受歡迎和歷史最悠久的 Almo Nature 配方 含有大量肉類 - 至少 70% 適合人類消費的優質天然成分 新鮮捕獲的海魚 - 無養殖魚類 真正的散養肉——飼養過程中不使用激素和抗生素 使用純機械方式精心加工,將肉煮熟和切割,完全沒有化學處理,以防止營養流失 食物保存在自己的庫存中,以保持營養和味道 不含任何添加劑,無論是化學防腐劑還是其他添加劑 - 因其簡單和真實而受到貓的喜愛 原料 雞柳 75%、雞湯 24%、米飯 1% 保證分析 粗蛋白質 16%、粗纖維 0.1%、粗油和脂肪 0.5%、粗灰分 1%、水分 77% 能量 742kcal/kg The LEGENDary Almo Nature quality is even more transparent today: the HFC acronym certifies the origin of the ingredients in the recipe as originally fit for human consumption. Prepared with just a few, select ingredients and simply cooked in broth or using the bain-marie method, all HFC recipes are ideal to help naturally hydrate cats thanks to their rich cooking broth. HFC Natural 70g the most popular and long-established Almo Nature recipe Contains lots of meat - at least 70% Natural ingredients of a quality fit for human consumption Freshly caught sea fish - no farmed fish Real free-range meat - no hormones and antibiotics used in rearing Processed carefully using purely mechanical means the meat is cooked and cut, entirely without chemical treatment to prevent the loss of nutrients The food is preserved in its own stock so that nutrients and taste are maintained Without additives of any kind, whether chemical preservatives or other additives - especially loved by cats for its simplicity and authenticity Ingredients Chicken Fillet 75%, Chicken Broth 24%, Rice 1% Guaranteed Analysis Crude protein 16%, Crude fibres 0,1%, Crude oils and fats 0,5%, Crude ash 1%, Moisture 77% Energy 742kcal/kg
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