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可直接餵食或加入乾濕糧,增添糧食美味以及刺激貓貓的食慾,高水份小食有助貓貓補充每日水份。 加入了綠茶消臭成分,有助減低貓便溺產生的異味。 Can add to kibble as a liquid supplement or feed directly from tube, adding extra flavor to your cat's food, its high water content can effectively replenish body fluid. Green tea extract is added to help reduce the peculiar smell of cat feces.


從1830年製造柴魚開始,INABA 稻葉公司一直致力於食用的加工水產生產。INABA 稻葉公司在生產方面不斷創新,屢獲日本政府嘉許,其生產的吞拿魚罐頭自1971年開始已經是家傳戶曉的經典產品,在市場上擁有極高的評價。

在生產食品之餘,INABA 稻葉公司從1958年開始已經生產寵物食品,而且還遠銷到美國、歐洲等地。2019 年的日本寵物業統計顯示 INABA 稻葉公司在日本的寵物食品市場已經佔據了首位。INABA 稻葉公司的CIAO品牌甚至已經超越了公司的名字而成為其中一個最著名的寵物食品品牌。

INABA 稻葉公司的工廠在靜岡縣的優越地理位置,每天都可以使用採購到最新鮮的漁獲,在生產人用食品的工廠製造出最鮮美的食品來滿足寵物貓狗的胃口。


「不模仿,不被模仿」是INABA 稻葉公司的經營宗旨。材料新鮮,自家生產,質量超群,是所有寵物犬貓都能夠分辨得到的。

SC-324 雞肉醬特色:
• 可直接餵食或加入乾濕糧,增添糧食美味以及刺激貓貓的食慾。
• 加入了綠茶消臭成分,有助減低貓便溺產生的異味。


粗蛋白 (最低):7.0%
粗脂肪 (最低):0.3%
粗纖維 (最高):0.1%
粗灰質 (最高):1.2%
水份 (最高):91.0%

Company Description

INABA has always been devoted on producing processed seafood since 1830. INABA has continued to innovate in production and has been repeatedly commended by the Japanese government. Its canned tuna has been a well-known classic product since 1971 and has a high reputation in the market.

In addition to producing food, INABA has been producing pet food since 1958, and it is also exported to the United States, Europe and other places. Statistics of the Japanese pet industry in 2019 shows that INABA has occupied the first place in Japan’s pet food market. The CIAO line under INABA has even surpassed the company’s name and become one of the most famous pet food brands.

INABA’s factory is located in a prestigious location in Shizuoka Prefecture. Fresh fish are purchased everyday, and manufactured in the factory that produces human food to satisfy the appetite of pet cats and dogs.

Through continuous development, INABA’s own factories have expanded to all over Japan, Thailand and China, while factories in the United States are under construction.

“No imitation and to prevent imitation” is the business aim of INABA. The materials are fresh, never outsourced, and the quality is excellent, making its product distinguishable even by pet dogs and cats.

SC-324 Chicken Puree Description:
• Can add to kibble as a liquid supplement or feed directly from tube, adding extra flavor to your cat’s food.
• Green tea extract is added to help reduce the peculiar smell of cat feces.

Chicken breast、Seafood extract (Tuna、Scallop)、Thickener (Processed starch、polysaccharide)、Green tea extract

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 7.0% min.、Crude Fat 0.3%min.、Crude Fiber 0.1% max.、Crude Ash 1.2% max.、Moisture 91.0% max.


Shipping Policy

  • 訂單滿$500免費送貨(僅限香港島)
    • 如需送貨到下列香港島偏遠地區,須付附加費 $30 (請將此貨品加到購物籃以支付附加費):
      • 赤柱、大潭、石澳、淺水灣、南灣及深水灣
  • 所有香港島以外其它地區送貨安排為順豐到付或到店自取

  • Free delivery to Hong Kong Island only for orders at $500 or above.
    • $30 Surcharge if required to deliver to HKI remote areas listed below (please add this product to shopping cart in order to pay the surcharge):
      • Stanley, Tai Tam, Shek O, Repulse Bay, South Bay and Deep Water Bay
  • For all areas outside of Hong Kong Island, please choose between SF Delivery (Fee Payable on Delivery) or Local Pickup

Refund Policy

不設退換。No refund. 

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