Customized ceramic coaster


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– Customized ceramic coaster 特製陶瓷熱杯墊-

You may decided on the background color and to add your pet’s name or not. 

How it works?

A. Customized coaster of your pet: Simply send us a few pictures of your pets that best showcase their characteristics and personalities and we DRAW and PRINT!


B. Customized coaster of available illustration: Pick an illustration on my Instagram @anginess20 and we print it out. 

在我的Instagram @anginess20 裏挑選一張繪畫圖 我們將印刷出來。

Size 尺寸

Circle: 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm 

Weight 100g


Shipping Policy

順豐到付 SF Express Pay On Delivery

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