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EYERIFIC 去淚痕潔眼水 140ML


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詳細介紹 成分 去離子水,蘆薈汁,檸檬酸,氫氧化鈉,氯化鈉,醋酸鈉,檸檬酸鈉,氯化鈣,鎂氯,苯扎氯銨,氯化鉀 YErific! 貓狗消炎防淚痕洗眼水是一款無菌,pH值平衡的貓/狗眼睛清潔護理液。 以獨特溫和的配方,避免刺激貓/狗的眼睛。有助於預防淚痕的生成,滋潤眼睛血管和受刺激組織。 可治療因瘡、發炎、感染等引起的眼睛疾病,同時可預防結膜炎。 本品無痛、無毒,可直接滴入寵物眼睛。同時可消除堆積在寵物眼睛、眼瞼和面部褶皺處的污垢痕跡。 對白色或淺色的貓/狗效果甚佳。 功效: 獨特無菌溫和配方; 含有天然蘆薈自然醫療效果; 舒緩眼睛疼痛、紅腫和其它感染; 無刺激性、無色素; 可治療和預防眼部炎症; 預防及減少淚痕; 非常適合清潔面部皮膚褶皺處。 使用方法: 將EYErific! 貓狗消炎防淚痕洗眼水倒在乾淨的棉片或布上; 輕輕去除寵物眼睛和眼瞼的分泌物。對於有嚴重結垢的眼睛,請在清潔分泌物之前使用EYErific! 貓狗消炎防淚痕洗眼水輕輕去除結垢。 用乾淨的棉片或布擦乾。 每天使用1至2次,以保持眼睛清潔。或遵循獸醫的指示。 注意事項: 使用前請搖勻。存放在陰涼、乾燥的地方。 ※圖片只供參考,一切以實物為準。 EYErific! is asterile, isotonic and pH-adjusted Ophthalmic Irrigation Solution. It isuniquely blended to prevent irritation to your pet’s eyes. Its gentle formulais suitable for daily use to clean the eyes and reduce tear stains. The healingproperties help nourish the blood vessels of the eye and stimulate tissuehealing. Its soothing ingredients also aid healing of sore, inflamed andinfected eyes. Helps control and prevent conjunctivitis. Use EYErific! toremove discharges that accumulate in your pet’s eyes, eyelids and facial folds. Free from chemicals that may cause irritation. Particularly useful for whiteand light coated cats and dogs. Benefits of EYErific! : Sterile, Isotonic and pH-adjusted Safe and gentle with natural healer, Aloe Vera Prevents and soothe sore eye inflammation Reduces tear stains Non-irritating and non-staining Great for cleaning facial skin folds Direction for use: Step 1: Pouronto a clean cotton pad or cloth. Step 2: Gentlyremove discharge from your pet’s eyes and eyelids. For eyes that are heavilyencrusted, allow EYErific to gently loosen encrustation before cleaning. Step 3: Dry offwith a clean pad. Use once ortwice daily to keep the eyes clean or as directed by your veterinarian. Shake wellbefore use. Store in a cool, dry place. ※The picture above is for reference only. The real object should be considered as final.
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