L.E.M Pet Series 香菇菌絲體


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LEM® 是香菇菌絲體中有效成分的提取物。菌絲體是香菇之母,自然界中香菇菌絲體生活在樹木中,無法輕易提取或食用

LEM® 是貓和狗的膳食補充劑,富含β-葡聚醣等多醣,多酚物,氨基酸,核酸和維生素等。



LEM® is an extract of the active ingredients in the mycelium of shiitake mushrooms. Mycelium is the mother of shiitake mushrooms. In nature, the mycelium of shiitake mushrooms lives in woods and cannot be easily extracted or eaten.

LEM® is a dietary supplement for cats and dogs, rich in polysaccharides such as beta-glucan, polyphenols, amino acids, nucleic acids and vitamins. The water-soluble particles help maintain pet immunity and skin cell aging.

l   Product Size : 155x76x53(mm)

l   Packing Spec. : 30 bags/box

l   Country of Origin : Japan

l   Japan Pet Food Safety Test : Photo 4 & 5


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"L.E.M Pet Series 香菇菌絲體" 一盒已包順豐速遞,一至兩個工作天送到

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