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雞肉:優質低脂蛋白、必需氨基酸、低卡路里,維護肌肉組織。 牛肉:優質蛋白質,膳食礦物質和維生素。 糙米:纖維含量高,富含微量礦物質。 蔬菜:膳食纖維幫助消化,含優質抗氧化劑,維生素和礦物質。 清真認證 成分: • 雞肉 43% • 牛肉 27% • 糙米 6% • 紅蘿蔔 10% • 水分 14% 營養分析: • 粗蛋白 (最小值) 17% • 粗脂肪 (最小值) 0.2% • 粗纖維 (最大值) 0.8% • 灰質 (最大值) 1.7% • 水分 (最大值) 82% 代謝熱量:每100克67卡路里 Chicken: Exceptional choice for a high-quality lean protein and low calories source. Excellent amino acid profile to help and maintain muscle tissues. Beef: Excellent source of high-quality protein, dietary mineral and vitamins. Brown rice: High fiber content and rich in trace minerals. Halal certified Ingredients: • Chicken 43% • Beef 27% • Brown Rice 6% • Carrot 10% • Water 14% Guaranteed Analysis : • Crude Protein (min.) 17% • Crude Fat (min.) 0.2% • Crude Fibre (max.) 0.8% • Ash (max.) 1.7% • Moisture (max.) 82% Energy: 67kcal/100g(ME)

「Kakato」是新西蘭毛利語,代表美味的意思。而Kakato「卡格」高級寵物食品就憑著高品質食材、自然味道,以及人們都可食用這三大元素,令它比起市場上同期出售的濕糧罐頭更深受主人的愛戴。為延續讓寵物吃得健康的理念,一系列的「卡格」健康小食,採用了包括來自新西蘭最純淨的農產品,絕無激素或病害,並以天然肉製成。新西蘭製造的「卡格」袋裝乾糧採用低溫高壓烹調技術,將大部份的水分和營養保留在每粒乾糧中。「卡格」亦為比較容易出現食物、腸胃、皮膚等出現過敏的貓狗推出單一蛋白系列,Kakato One專一蛋白乾糧只採用一種動物蛋白及限量成份製造,減少致敏源。為貓狗帶來更安全健康的飲食。

「Kakato」is the New Zealand Maori word for ‘delicious’. Kakato Premium pet food is made from the highest quality, natural and human grade ingredients with no additives or flavouring. These three elements make Kakato stand out from its competitors and most loved by pets and their owners.

To continue the philosophy of feeding pets with healthy diets, a series of Kakato healthy snacks including those made of natural meat from the New Zealand finest farm produce, free from hormone and disease.

Kakato dry food is produced by state-of-art technology (low temperature & high pressure cooking method), which retains majorities of water and nutrients.



  • 訂單滿$500免費送貨(僅限香港島)
    • 如需送貨到下列香港島偏遠地區,須付附加費 $30 (請將此貨品加到購物籃以支付附加費):
      • 赤柱、大潭、石澳、淺水灣、南灣及深水灣
  • 所有香港島以外其它地區送貨安排為順豐到付或到店自取

  • Free delivery to Hong Kong Island only for orders at $500 or above.
    • $30 Surcharge if required to deliver to HKI remote areas listed below (please add this product to shopping cart in order to pay the surcharge):
      • Stanley, Tai Tam, Shek O, Repulse Bay, South Bay and Deep Water Bay
  • For all areas outside of Hong Kong Island, please choose between SF Delivery (Fee Payable on Delivery) or Local Pickup


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