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Thrive 脆樂芙 COMPLETE罐裝糧 - 幼貓健康之選 用雞胸肉製成–唯一的蛋白質來源。 Thrive雞胸肉在雞湯中烹製,添加了多種維生素和礦物質,可為您的貓提供營養全面的膳食。 Thrive雞胸肉罐頭很完整,因此可以單獨餵食用作主食用途,也可以與我們的Thrive PremiumPlus乾糧混合食用,具體取決於您對貓的偏好。 採用純正的雞胸肉製成 整全膳食 不含小麥/麵筋 容易消化 可用作主食 或 配搭Thrive Premium Plus乾糧使用 無添加防腐劑 無添加填充劑或人造膠凝劑 無添加色素 無添加糖份 無添加人工香料 主要成份 去骨鮮雞胸肉 成份分析 粗蛋白 10% 原油和脂肪 2% 粗灰質 2% 粗纖維 1% 水份 84.5% 營養補充劑(每100g) Vitamin A 1800 IU Vitamin D3 1100 IU 鋅 8.2mg 鐵 0.76mg 錳 0.21mg 銅 0.04mg 碘 0.03mg 牛磺酸 0.63g 餵食方法 每天2-3罐,因應貓咪活動量可作加減。3星期幼貓可進食罐頭,到8星期可完全戒奶,每天餵4-5次;到6個月時可每天餵2-3次。 PRODUCT OVERVIEW Made with 100% Chicken Breast – the only source of protein. Thrive Complete Kitten Chicken Breast is cooked in a chicken broth with added vitamins and minerals to give your kitten a complete nutritionally balanced meal. This means that our food provides everything your kitten needs and therefore can be fed on its own or mixed in with our Thrive PremiumPlus Chicken Complete Dry Food depending on your kitten’s preference. Kittens (and cats) are strict carnivores and have no dietary need for carbohydrates such as grains (e.g rice or wheat). It is for this reason that our kitten wet food is protein-focused and grain-free, with only 0.2% carbohydrate content. Good hydration is vital to a healthy kitten, which is why all our wet foods are formulated with ‘free liquid’ water for optimum hydration, instead of the artificial gelling agents found in other brands. When it comes to wet food, our philosophy at Thrive is: “wetter is better!” Testimonial: “Delighted. We have been using the adult wet food for just over a year now for our breeding and show cats and are so pleased with it, the ingredients are brilliant and the fact it is a complete food makes a refreshing change. We have just tried some of the Chicken Kitten food and are delighted, the chicken is finely shredded making much smaller pieces for little mouths perfect for weaning babies with the same great ingredients and quality. The kittens love it.” (Claire Winman, founder of Overear American Curls) COMPOSITION Chicken Breast (70%), Chicken stock, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins & Minerals. Analytical Constituents Crude Protein 10%, Crude Oils & Fats 2%, Crude Ash 2%, Crude Fibres 1%, Moisture 84.5% Nutritional Supplements Essential vitamins and minerals added to make this food nutritionally complete FEEDING We recommend feeding 2 – 3 tins a day depending on your kitten’s activity level and their own personal requirements. Kittens start to eat solid foods from about three weeks and are fully weaned at about eight weeks. At first they need small meals often (about four or five a day) but by about six months, two meals a day are usually fine. This can continue throughout their adult life, depending on your cat’s preference.
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