衛可清潔消毒粉 Virkon Disinfectant


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1kg 等於1000g, 每樽內附的膠匙,10g 粉用1公升水稀釋作家居日常噴霧,可以用3-4天.相等於1kg VirkonS 可以用上一年左右,即每週所需約$40,相比起市面上所銷售的巳稀釋消毒噴霧($100-200多元- 祇能用一星期左右)更為經濟.
英國衞可VirkonS消毒粉研發30多年,測試証實都冠狀病毒有效, 超過21國家專利,一次性清潔消毒,對人畜無害.

  • 最專業的寵物消毒劑
  • 無毒性、無刺激性、無腐蝕性、檸檬味、綠色環保
  • 適用於養寵家庭、寵物店、寵物醫院、犬舍
  • 使用方法:噴霧、飲水、煙霧熏蒸、浸泡
  • 寵物窩籠消毒:每天定期噴灑寵物窩墊、寵物籠。 (寵物外出包在每次使用後,可用衛可噴灑消毒)
  • 食具、水俱、玩具消毒:將其清洗乾淨後,在稀釋的衛可消毒液里浸泡10分鐘,風乾下次使用前用飲用水沖洗一次.
  • 寵物消毒:寵物包括:狗、貓、鳥等;每天遛寵物回來,寵友聚會回來,寵物去醫院看病回來,寵物洗澡美容回來,在進家門前用衛可消毒液噴寵物的腳及全身,稀釋的衛可還可以給寵物洗澡.

Virkon S is a powerful broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant that make it the disinfectant of choice for many poultry keepers. DEFRA approved to kill viruses including Bird Flu, Foot & Mouth, Swine Flu and other Poultry Diseases. It’s versatility and safety profile, together with it’s DEFRA approval, mean it can be used safely for the routine disinfection of wooden & hard surfaces, chicken feeding equipment, entire hen coops, poultry floors, disinfecting feet & wheel-dips and cleaning water systems. Probably the most versatile disinfectant on the market, it can be applied directly to the animal, its house, or surroundings and will kill viruses, fungi and bacteria quicker and at lower doses than most other products. It is powerful yet safe to use with animals and around the home. Simple to mix and instantly ready to use. Mixing Guidelines: 1 part disinfectant : 100 parts water. 1kg will make up to 100 litres.


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衛可清潔消毒粉 Virkon Disinfectant

1kg, 50g

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3.33 out of 5
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